Bobbi Besse Remembers
Our Life in Oregon by: Besse Harris
Born In 1914

First grade stand with apron around my mouth because I talked to much.

Fun at home. Uncle came and visited and sat at table and try to teach us how to speak Yiddish.

When my mom wanted to keep secret talk Russian.

Phone on wall  leg on chair and elbow on knee with phone to her ear.

Age 8 or 9 First memory parade baby doll buggies wouldn't let us join 

We weren't allowed to work on the Sabbath. or play except go to synagogue and be dressed up.

As a teenager couldn't go to school functions like games because had to go home first and get ready for Sabbath.

We walked every day to high school a great distance  we started about 7:am and picked up other kids for school around the way and arrived about 8:30

Didn't like staying at home at night, even though I was the oldest of 4 children (run out in the street with nightgown and cry to Mom, "Please don't leave me"  I've always had that fear.